Tips For Choosing The Best Bankruptcy Attorney In Las Vegas


Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is a big one. You’ll want to select a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney who can help you navigate the complex process as easily and affordably as possible. Here are some important tips to make a smart selection:

Ask Around. Like with many things, getting some recommendations from friends, family and business associates can be extremely helpful in making a good decision as well as helping you feel confident about your choice. Ideally, you find someone who has direct experience with a bankruptcy attorney, but if not, you can at least get a referral from someone who knows someone or contact your local court for suggestions.

Review Qualifications. Although some attorneys will tell you that bankruptcy filings are simple, you’ll want to be sure to select a professional who has been specially trained and has experience specifically in bankruptcy law. Little things can come up, even in a seemingly straightforward case, that can end up causing big problems if handled incorrectly.

Think About Alternatives. Talk with your attorney about your personal situation and ask for advice on how to manage it. An ethical attorney should lie out all viable choices, even ones that do not include a law firm, to help you make the best decision.

Follow Your Instincts. Filing bankruptcy can be emotionally as well as financially difficult. Be sure that you’re comfortable with the attorney assigned to your case. Finding someone who is empathetic and understanding will help you move through the process more easily. You’ll want reasonable access to your attorney as well as a good relationship with your paralegal.

Consider Longevity in the Community. Selecting a local attorney who is well rooted in the community is a smart idea. Since bankruptcy law is a complicated mix of state and federal laws, regulations and statutes, having that local experience is important. Being a corporate member of a city also can mean the firm’s attorneys are better connected with key people such as bankruptcy judges, creditor lawyers, and court clerks. This network can make things go much more smoothly.

Ask About Up Front Fees. If you’re filing bankruptcy, you’re under significant financial distress, and a caring lawyer should take this into consideration when outlining upfront fees. Your Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney should clearly explain filing fees, court fees, counseling fees, and attorney fees, as well as how much needs to be paid upfront and how much can be rolled into payment plans after debts are discharged.

In the end, taking the time to ask the right questions when selecting a bankruptcy attorney will pay off. You’ll find someone with the experience, training, connections, and character to help you move through this difficult period in your life more easily and successfully.

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