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As all small business owners know well, operating a business is not easy—especially in the current economic environment. Even the best of companies can run into significant financial problems. Solutions are available. Through the business bankruptcy process, a financially distressed company can restructure its debts and financial obligations.  

At Vohwinkel Law, our Las Vegas small business bankruptcy attorney provides top-quality, solutions-oriented legal representation to clients throughout all of Southern Nevada. We are focused on helping business owners find effective, long-term financial solutions. If you are a small business owner who is considering filing for bankruptcy protection, our legal team can help. To set up a free, fully confidential initial consultation with a skilled small business bankruptcy lawyer, please call our Las Vegas office or send us a message directly online. 

What to Know About the Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA)

In 2019, Congress passed the Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA). It is intended to streamline the current bankruptcy procedures to help small businesses achieve restructuring. Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code is a complex system that allows businesses to reorganize their debts. Through a successful Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition, a company can reorganize and restructure its financial obligations to get back to stable financial ground. 

Unfortunately, there have long been problems with lack of equal access and fair treatment for small companies. chapter 11 was intended for multi-million dollar companies, not mom and pop small businesses—this despite the fact that the law contained several provisions specifically designed for small businesses. For too long, the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process contained many hurdles for the small business debtor, such as high costs, monitoring difficulties, and procedural roadblocks. 

In February of 2020, the SBRA was added to Chapter of the U.S. bankruptcy code to help make the system work better for small businesses. The intent of law is to help small business owners restructure debts, reduce liquidations, and maintain equity in the hands of the small business owners. Here are the key provisions of the small business reorganization act:

Is Bankruptcy the Right Option for My Small Business?

The SBRA is an important tool for small businesses. The process is now easier and more effective than it was just a few years ago. The SBRA and a business bankruptcy filing can be used to help you keep your Las Vegas small business open, reorganize the business’ debts and keep your ownership. As a small business owner, you may not be sure if business bankruptcy is actually the right option for the company. Depending on your financial circumstances, your small business may be benefit from: 

Whether filing for bankruptcy protection makes sense for your small business depends on many factors, including your current debt level and your future projected earnings/revenue. That being said, if your company is falling further and further in debt and you do not see an obvious path forward, it is generally the right time to consider your options. A Las Vegas small business bankruptcy attorney can sit down with you and offer no-judgement, future-focused legal guidance. 

Rory Vohwinkel Will Help Your Small Business Find the Best Path Forward

Filing a business bankruptcy protection is complicated. If you have questions about your rights or options, you are not alone. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Rory Vohwinkel has helped thousands of clients. We are ready to take immediate action to help you and your business. Among other things, our Las Vegas, NV small business bankruptcy lawyer is prepared to: 

When a large corporation files for bankruptcy protection, it puts a tremendous amount of effort into finding the right legal counsel. We believe that small businesses deserve the same personal attention and high quality representation as the nation’s largest companies. With a history of 

successful case results, you can trust our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney to help your company navigate the legal process. 

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At Vohwinkel Law, our Las Vegas small business bankruptcy attorney has the skills, knowledge, and legal experience that you can rely on to get results. We have helped many small companies solve their financial problems. If you have a business that is struggling and you’re not sure what to do, call us today for a free no-obligation consultation with a Nevada bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options. From our conveniently located law office in Las Vegas, we provide small business bankruptcy services throughout Clark County, including in North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and Enterprise.

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