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Landlord-Tenant Mediation

Facing a landlord-tenant dispute, particularly an eviction, can be a trying experience for both parties. A new law in Nevada puts in place an alternative dispute resolution process that encourages parties involved in a landlord-tenant dispute to attempt to resolve the issue through mediation. At the office of Vohwinkel Law, our Las Vegas attorney provides focused landlord-tenant mediation services and has experience representing clients in a variety of disputes and mediation proceedings. To learn more, please call our lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

New Law Changes Landlord-Tenant Dispute Process

The new law, which went into effect in our state this June (2021), requires that designated eviction proceedings be stayed for 30 days in order to facilitate an alternative dispute resolution process. The program is anticipated to mirror the state’s foreclosure mediation program.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a private process wherein a private, neutral, third-party mediator helps two parties in a dispute (in this case, a landlord and a tenant) seek a resolution to the dispute. The mediator plays no decision-making role in the process; instead, they are there merely to facilitate the conversation, ask questions, and assist the parties in finding a resolution. Mediation does not always result in an agreement, but oftentimes it is an effective way to find a solution to a tough problem and avoid going to court.

What Are the Advantages Of Mediation?

There are multiple advantages of mediation. First, it is less expensive than court proceedings. It is also a less intensive process; parties may not have to submit the same type of evidence that they would during a court case. Mediation can also feel empowering, as it is ultimately the parties involved who will make the decision about the outcome; in a court case, a judge or jury makes a decision. Finally, mediation can also help to preserve the relationship between the parties and is often a more civil way of resolving a dispute.

How Our Landlord-Tenant Mediation Lawyer Can Help

If you are interested in learning more about the landlord-tenant mediation program and your rights as a tenant, our landlord-tenant mediation lawyer at Vohwinkel Law can help. You can count on our law firm to provide the following services:

While mediation is often an easier process than litigation, that is not to say that it doesn’t have its complications and isn’t a process that deserves an equal amount of attention. We’ll help you to get enrolled in the program and understand how it works and what you can expect. You can trust our lawyers to work hard for you.

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At the office of Vohwinkel Law, our Las Vegas landlord-tenant mediation lawyer has years of experience advocating for homeowners in foreclosure mediation cases and knows what it takes to help tenants like you in the new tenant mediation program. To learn more about the program, your rights, the basics of mediation, and what you should expect if you are facing eviction and need landlord-tenant dispute services, call Vohwinkel Law today. Attorney Rory Vohwinkel has been practicing law for nearly two decades and founded Vohwinkel Law in 2009. He has successfully handled hundreds of cases and is ready to work for you. Call today for your free consultation.

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